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The Giacomini O.M. Technical Offices are equipped to face the most fiendish design challenges by using modern technologies and those working in these offices know the problem areas of the sector perfectly.

Design is a fundamental phase, during which the Giacomini technicians find the best solution to ensure optimum performance also with high work loads, in complete safety and for the entire product life cycle. To do this, they also study the location where the machine is to be inserted and the results required in terms of operating performance.

Giacomini therefore offers a personalised service, in which, understanding customer needs, the designers' experience and the operating flexibility of the Technical Office play a role of primary importance.

Marmomac 2018
Marmomac 2018

Parteciperemo alla fiera Marmomac 2018 a Verona dal 26 al 29 Settembre 2018
We will be attending at [ ... ]

India Stonemart Jaipur
India Stonemart Jaipur

  Parteciperemo alla STONEMART dal 31 gennaio al 03 febbraio
31 Jan. - 03 Feb. 2019 | Internatio [ ... ]