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Giacomini O.M. was born in 1957 at Gravellona Toce (vb) on the initiative of Virgilio Giacomini, who with sons Renato and Sergio, built a company dedicated to constructing derricks and lifting machines that were used in the Serizzo quarries in the Verbano - Cusio - Ossola zone.

Initially, the derricks were made of wood, however in successive developments - also with a contribution from Giacomini O.M. - metal was used for the trellis structures. Thanks to its success and to satisfy its customers' requirements, the company very soon broadened its production range by starting to fabricate gantry and bridge cranes. While remaining mainly tied to the stone sector, the company therefore extended its own reference market.

The continual process of growth, was further accelerated by moving the headquarters at the centre of Gravellona Toce, to the current ones. These definitive headquarters have 4 industrial buildings and an office block. Today, the company is run by Renato Giacomini, Head of Production aided by his wife Cleonice Uberti and son Paolo: the Giacomini family really identifies itself with its business.

Marmomac 2018
Marmomac 2018

Parteciperemo alla fiera Marmomac 2018 a Verona dal 26 al 29 Settembre 2018
We will be attending at [ ... ]

India Stonemart Jaipur
India Stonemart Jaipur

  Parteciperemo alla STONEMART dal 31 gennaio al 03 febbraio
31 Jan. - 03 Feb. 2019 | Internatio [ ... ]